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As Agri-Business Consultants, we at VIABILITYCONSULT apply our expertise in a variety of disciplines, along the whole lifespan of a project.

Our strength lies in the Identification, Incubation and Implementation of Agri-related opportunities.

Our focus is to match our client's expectation to a very specific opportunity in the market.

Where a client's requirement cannot be met by existing alternatives, we accept the challenge to develop a customized solution.



  • Pre- Investment

  • Investment Phase

  • Post- Investment

At VIABILITYCONSULT we are involved in all three of these phases.

The layout below, reflects the core of our service offering.

Pre- Investment

Scoping Studies

A Scoping Study usually is the first step of developing a new project. It is a high level study of resources, opportunities and constraints and aims to narrow the focus of a prospective project in preparation for a Feasibility Study.

It can be combined with a Feasibility Study in cases where baseline information is readily available.

With the Scoping Report VIABILITYCONSULT presents the project proponent with a concise summary of alternatives that can be assessed during the Feasibility Study.

Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Study builds on the results of the Scoping Report and assesses the long term feasibility of the respective alternatives as they are presented in the Scoping Report.

Our Feasibility Report involves a more detailed element of financial modelling and factors that could influence the sustainable success of each alternative. 

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the document which will support the project proponents application for funding as well as to act as the guideline for implementation after funding of the project. 

It will include the most viable alternatives as documented in the Feasibility Report, mould it into a business model and support the model with financial modeling and  supporting documents.

At VIABILITYCONSULT we believe that our Business Plans must present a clear reflection of the business model and include  sufficient motivation to assist the potential funder to make an informed decision on the funding of the project.

Investment Phase

Due diligence and Benchmarking of Business Models

It is our experience that the Agri- funding value chain has, in the recent past, lost a lot of its capacity in terms of Agricultural knowledge.

At VIABILITYCONSULT we have the inhouse ability, as well as in collaboration with  industry specialists, to do a Due diligence study and to benchmark a Business Plan, whereby we add value to the decision-process of the funding of a specific project.


For selected projects we can assist with raising funds as we have access to various equity- and debt funders. 

Post Investment

Monitor & Evaluation

The confidence and trust that Funders have in Project Development and Management  in South African Agriculture has reached an alarming low. This is due to corruption, mismanagement and incompetence in many cases.

As a service to Funders, VIABILITYCONSULT has the ability to remain involved in an Implementation-oversight capacity and report on a regular basis to the Funder on the progress of Implementation. 

Training, Skills Transfer & Mentorship

Some of the key areas where South African Agriculture needs to succeed in order to meet the challenges of food security, job creation and stability of rural communities, is training skill transfer and mentorship.

VIABILITYCONSULT is available and committed to develop, train and facilitate the transfer of skills necessary for the successful implementation and management of Agri related projects.


Our default associate is our sister company VIRIBUSCONSULT 

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